JDO + DataNucleus
 Persist your POJO domain model TRANSPARENTLY using the industry standard for TRULY transparent persistence: JDO + Datanucleus
 See Sample persistence projects!

Exposed Domain Model Pattern
Use exPOJO, the free, open source framework for exposing your POJOs and get productive today!



Step Ahead



Javelin Flash Demonstrations:
See how easy it is to master Javelin with it's point and click simplicity yet powerful code and meta-data development and management features

These Flash demonstrations walk you through the simple process of developing Java software with Javelin. After viewing the demonstrations you should be able to "drive" Javelin yourself.

You should also check out Javelin Fundamentals before starting your first project to learn vital basics that will give you a nice smooth landing!

In each Flash demo hit the Next> button on the bottom right hand corner to go to the next page.

If you have any questions about Javelin™ please go to our Javelin™ support page and take advantage of our FREE live online support, the forums or just send us an email.

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