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AnFX 6, with enhanced text quality options, is out now!

AnFX is great for all web sites - from large corporate sites to personal web sites. AnFX still requires no hand coding and still creates highly optimized, compact content files for super fast downloading which means a highly reponsive experience for visitors to your sites. Create high impact animations in minutes. Impress and Inform with AnFX.

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Visual Classworks for Java: Javelin

Visual Classworks for C++

Animated charts the fast, fun and easy way!

Award Winning Javelin:
with ease!

Object Oriented Graphical Development Tool for C++ 

Choose your format and AmiChart
creates professional flash animated charts that you can use on your website.
Javelin is the Award Winning Visual Object Oriented Development Tool for Java™ Developers. Now supports Hibernate and JDO!
Perform model driven software development using UML class diagrams and the InSync code generator.

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Step Ahead Software has just released exPOJO: the fast easy, open source way to expose your object models to develop applications with less code and higher run time performance. more>>

We also provide development services and source code licenses for the modular software components on which our products are built:
  • Financial Systems
  • Animation authoring software with Flash and/or Java Export capabilities - want to sell your own killer Flash app - let us write it for you.
  • Web application development - driving content from an existing or a new database.
  • Desktop application development including advanced GUI interfaces for Windows or Linux
  • Authoring of online education and examination systems
  • Charting components
  • Database
  • Conversion of legacy software to Windows or Web 2 applications
  • Real time systems
  • On line ordering systems
  • Website design

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"AnFX is an excellent program. It has made it very easy for me to create wonderful, eye-catching and complex graphics. The only thing that I like better than AnFX is the awesome, interactive technical support that I have received. Thanks for being a model company."

Kenn Simons, USA

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