JDO + DataNucleus
 Persist your POJO domain model TRANSPARENTLY using the industry standard for TRULY transparent persistence: JDO + Datanucleus
 See Sample persistence projects!

Exposed Domain Model Pattern
Use exPOJO, the free, open source framework for exposing your POJOs and get productive today!



Step Ahead



Purchasing Javelin


$49.95 per user license            

Buy now and obtain your licensed 'unlock key' in under 5 minutes! The tool can be installed on one home and one work PC/Laptop computer. New license keys will be issued free of charge when either computer is upgraded.

Be quick to take advantage of our special offer: Buy a Javelin license and you receive a license and key that allows you to also download and use Visual Classworks (visual modeling and coding for C++ developers).

Why purchase Javelin?

  • Pays for itself in a huge productivity boost in the first day of use.
  • Automatically generate your Hibernate or JDO meta data to get 'truly effortless transparent persistence' of your object models.
  • Stay on top of medium to large size projects with the new project based support features.
  • 'See' and update your projects as a set of clean, always up-to-date class diagrams rather than a labyrinth of packages and classes in a text file focussed IDE.
  • Continue to compile and debug using your regular IDE.

To purchase your Javelin license click here

How our Step Ahead Software licenses work

We know that many people who regularly use certain software packages often wish to use them at home and at work or on their work desktop PC and their Laptop computer. All Step Ahead Software product licenses satisfy this need: you are licensed to install the software on two separate PCs so that you can take advantage of the productivity gains our software brings in the office and out of the office. Hopefully that will help you get a step ahead or help you stay a step ahead if you're already there! Of course, whenever you upgrade a computer you can move your license to that new computer without charge.


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