JDO + DataNucleus
 Persist your POJO domain model TRANSPARENTLY using the industry standard for TRULY transparent persistence: JDO + Datanucleus
 See Sample persistence projects!

Exposed Domain Model Pattern
Use exPOJO, the free, open source framework for exposing your POJOs and get productive today!



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Javelin: what is it?
Javelin is a high productivity yet lightweight development tool that allows software developers, analysts, consultants, mentors, educators to drive any Java development through a set of "live" class diagrams. It provides 'zero time' synchronized generation and management of code and the meta-data required for persisting your object model to Hibernate or JDO persistence technologies. See new sample persistence projects for a quick start in the exciting new world of transparent persistence!

Javelin Overview

Javelin now comes in two editions: a NEW freeware 'modeling only' edition and an inexpensive 'modeling+code generation and management' edition:

Freeware Javelin Modeler

The freeware Javelin modeler is a free, never expiring, full featured edition of Javelin without the code generation and management facilities. It is perfect for analysts, developers, educators etc., who want to perform object modeling and be able to document and print out their designs in the form of class diagrams and API references. It even supports importing of existing source code so you can "see" what the design of your existing system actually looks like.

The object model repository created by the Javelin modeler is 100% compatible with the Javelin Modeler+Coder so at any time you can upgrade to the modeler+coder and generate and manage source code based on your design.

Javelin Modeler+Coder

The Javelin modeler+coder is a complete, lightweight, full lifecycle, object modeling and code generation and management solution to be used with any Java IDE (eg., Eclipse, Netbeans etc.,). It is perfect for developers who want the productivity boost that zero time code generation and management can give while still maintaining control over their code.

Developers can upgrade from the freeware Javelin Modeler at any time and generate and manage the code for object models produced in the freeware modeler.

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Javelin Features
Javelin's impressive feature set means you can spend more time developing at a higher level and less time "hacking" out java and meta-data files in text editor

Fundamentals - read this if you just want to dive right now!

Animated Online Demonstrations
See demonstrations of how easy it is to develop software in Javelin's intuitive, high productivity user interface:
Online Demonstrations

Javelin supports JDO and Hibernate
Want the perfect solution for persisting your object model? Use Javelin and an object relational mapper like JDO or Hibernate and you can be saving up to 72% of your O/R mapping time!

Persistence  New! Sample persistence projects!

Want the ability to transfer designs between C++ and Java?
Your Javelin license key also works with Visual Classworks, the C++ sister product of Javelin. Designs created in Javelin can be copied and then opened in Visual Classworks and visa versa.

Tutorial: We walk you through the steps required to create and manage your first Javelin project and use Hibernate* to persist your objects

Learn how to create a simple Java pet shop project from scratch and persist it using Hibernate*. We recommend that you first view some of the animated demonstrations above to get a feel for how to "drive" around in Javelin.

Javelin/Hibernate tutorial.

*This tutorial uses Hibernate for the example but the steps are essentially the same for any JDO implementation (eg., JPOX/Kodo/VOA): simply select the appropriate JDO implementation instead of Hibernate in the persistence options of your project.

Javelin™: The Award Winning Point and Click Tool for the Design, Coding, Management and Persistence of POJOs
If you have any questions about Javelin™ please go to our Javelin™ support page and take advantage of our FREE live online support, the forums or just send us an email.

To purchase or check out the pricing click here.



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