Filegroove - everything you need is in the box

Fully contained data transformation complete with visual mapping/logic editing in the Filegroove Studio.

In the last few years we have created a new, revolutionary transformation architecture with its own purpose built visually coded language.
The result is a "turn key" data transformation technology package that includes:

  • a poweful, fast data transformation engine with mappings that are visually "coded"
  • Multiple ways to submit source files for processing: Upload files via easy to use UI, submit files to our SFTP inbox or API interface. The later two options support a completely automated, seamless experience via your existing IT infrastructure/applications
  • a easy to learn and use visual data transformation configuration studio which, even non programmers, can master in a very short time, to create mappings for any new source file formats that you encounter.
Our years of knowledge and experience and desire to improve any problem domain we enter has resulted in this immensely powerful yet easily accessible data transformation technology package. It's next to ridiculous to consider inhouse development of your own data transformation technologies as the sheer expense of such an undertaking would probably exceed multiple decades of the cost of leveraging our immensely powerful and production proven Filegroove technology stack in your application via it's extremely simple API.

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