Modern web app integrating with back end

When Australia Post wanted to introduce a new service for their outlets that combined online data entry in a modern web app, document generation and seamless integration with their back end systems Step Ahead Software was able to deliver - on time and on budget!

Caught a train lately?

Step Ahead Software developed the web app that staff use to edit/compile timetable, station and message data into digital "packages" that are uploaded by Wifi to the NSW Transport's modern fleet of trains for display on their passenger information display systems.

Powerful data processing

Generic, modular, adaptable data translation technology, developed by Step Ahead Software, is used to process millions of records from a large array of different data feeds supplied in many different data formats.

It's all about the data

Powerful, end user configurable, financial data translation/mapping technology developed by Step Ahead Software powers this Superannuation gateway services company. Processing over 1/3 of all electronic Superannuation contributions in Australia our technology has helped this fintech become the #1 player in their field.
Our solutions typically end up being of high marketability for the client because at Step Ahead Software we believe that 'short cuts' are the lazy person's way of building a long, unmaintainable, meandering path to an inferior, costly solution.

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